The countdown to Vacation Bible School has begun! Our Miraculous Mission is set to blast off on Monday, June 17, at 9:00am. Join us for this amazing excursion as we view and observe the power and might of our awesome God. Register today!

We are pleased to announce that the Vine will continue through summer! Parents and children 0-4 are invited to join us on the first Wednesday of the month from 9:00 to 10:30 (June 5, July 3 and August 7).

The members of Gethsemane will be gathering with members from the other Wisconsin Synod Churches in the greater Omaha area on Sunday, May 2, at Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion at 9:30am to celebrate Jesus’ ascension into heaven 40 days after his resurrection. There will be no services at Gethsemane on May 1 or May 2….

This week we thank God for mothers! Children under age 5 and their parents are invited to join us on Wednesday morning at 9:00!

This weekend 16 young people will profess their faith in Christ and receive the Lord’s Supper for the first time. Public Examination will be at 9:30. Confirmation will be at 10:30.

Thank you to all of God’s people who used their gifts during Holy Week to serve the Lord by serving us! To those who used their gifts to serve us in worship, to those who used their gifts to prepare God’s house for each service, to those who used their gifts to prepare an amazing…

Easter Sunrise Service – 7:00am Easter Festival Service – 9:00am & 10:30am Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

We gather for worship today at noon and at 8:00pm. Together we will listen to the various sounds of the passion that will demonstrate the great love that God has for us in Jesus.

We gather for worship today at 3:30pm and 7:00pm.

The Vine is an opportunity for parents and their young children to meet weekly. Parents mingle and chat and share. Children play and learn and grow. The highlight every Wednesday morning is the Bible Story for the day. We meet from 9:00am to 10:30am. All are welcome!

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