Application Process for Gethsemane Lutheran School

1. Visit – Contact the school office to arrange a campus tour. You will meet Gethsemane’s Principal and the teachers corresponding to your child’s grade level. Please feel free to bring your child so they can see the campus as well! The Principal and teachers will help you understand more about our academic programs and extracurricular offerings. You will receive a copy of our handbook along with tuition information.

2. Apply Online – After you have completed the school visit you will receive information on submitting an online enrollment application. Gethsemane currently uses TADS for all of our online application, enrollment, tuition assistance and tuition payment services.

3. Application Approval – Gethsemane Lutheran School’s Board of Education will consider your application with a recommendation from the Principal and corresponding teacher. An additional meeting with you and your child may be requested. Since the school is an extension of the church, one of our pastors may also schedule a visit to discuss the teachings of our church and school. You will be notified of a decision as soon as possible.

4. Online Enrollment – Upon acceptance, you will create a TADS account to complete enrollment and setup a tuition payment agreement.