Gethsemane Lutheran School (GLS) has been operating for 75+ years, serving families in the greater Omaha area with exceptional private, Christian education. 

Our Mission Statement:

Gethsemane Lutheran School exists to provide a strong Christ-centered academic education in a caring atmosphere, assisting in spiritual awareness, discernment, and training.

Our Purpose:

Our primary purpose is to assist families in providing a Christ-centered education for the children of our church congregation and the surrounding community. We aim to consider each child’s physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs as we train them to grow in their love of Christ. The school was established to partner with parents in their children’s education. Children receive a thorough training in the Word of God and develop knowledge in all academic subjects taught from a Christian viewpoint.

Our Curriculum:

GLS’s curriculum has been carefully designed to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical needs of every student. As a result, it reflects the requirements and standards of the Nebraska Department of Education for schools in the state of Nebraska. With the interests of our students in mind, the curriculum is evaluated and updated on a yearly basis by the faculty with the purpose of providing the best instruction possible.

The Word of God is the most important subject in our school curriculum. It is not only taught as a separate subject, but is also incorporated, where appropriate, in all subjects of the curriculum. It is our intent that students learn to connect and apply God’s Word to every aspect of their lives.

Our Tuition:

Gethsemane Lutheran School is supported and operated by our church membership. A large portion of the cost to educated each child is therefore covered by the church. Our tuition fees are determined on an annual basis and can be provided upon request. Please contact the school office for information on tuition rates.

GLS offers tuition discounts for church members, multiple child families and first-year community families. GLS also has a referral discount for families that introduce our school to new students. 

GLS also offers tuition assistance. Funds are distributed on a need-basis through an online application process. Although the funds are limited, we ask families that would like to apply for this aid to complete the application by the end of April (for the upcoming school year). Please contact the school for further information on tuition assistance.

Our Technology:

Gethsemane Lutheran School strives to use the latest tools in the classroom. Students in today’s world need to understand these tools to properly prepare for their secondary education and beyond. 

Our teachers utilize some of these tools in the classroom environment. SMART boards and projectors in the classroom ensure teaching can be offered with the most effective methods. Interactive programs can be used for a hands-on learning experience.

Our students have access to technology as well. Our youngest student’s classrooms are equipped with tablets. This small portion of technology in their day allows them to gain knowledge in the basics of educational technology and provides a hands-on and fun approach to learning. Our older students utilize Chromebooks in the classroom. Whether it is learning how to type, using a word processor for an assignment or using the technology for research – GLS provides this needed tool for each of our students.

Our Student-to-Teacher Ratios:

Gethsemane Lutheran School wants to make sure each child receives the best possible education. To do this, GLS has established a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 25:1 in our classrooms. Most years this ratio is between 15:1 and 20:1, depending on enrollment. This ratio allows the teachers to instruct the entire class, while also having adequate time to focus on individual student needs. 

Most of our classrooms are setup on a 2-grade system, so certain subjects are taught to multiple grades while other subjects are grade-specific. This allows for full-classroom instruction during portions of the day while also giving time for students to work on their assignments.

Our Safe Environment:

Gethsemane Lutheran School is aware of the ever-present dangers to students in our world. GLS is always looking at ways to make our facilities safe for your child and our faculty. Our staff has building and medical emergency preparedness training yearly to allow the safest learning experience for your child.

Our Athletics:

Gethsemane Lutheran School offers athletic opportunities for the students depending on grade level.

Fall Sports

  • Soccer (Grades K-8)

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (Grades 5-8)
  • Volleyball (Grades 5-8)

Spring Sports

  • Track and Field (Grades 3-8)

Our High School:

Students looking to continue their Christian education at the high school level attend our area Lutheran high school, Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School. 203 Kendall St, Waco, NE 68460.