Over the past few weeks, our students and teachers have been preparing for our annual Children’s Christmas Service. Many hours were spent on memorizing Bible passages, Christmas hymns and songs, narrations, and cues for when to stand, sit, and start. It is a good amount of work – but a labor of love. What a blessing to share the good news of the Savior born for us!

Gethsemane Lutheran School wishes you and yours the best of what Christmas has to offer – peace, joy, comfort, and assurance. Christ is born! For you! For me! For us all! That baby sleeping in the manger would have the greatest impact in history. As we celebrate his birth once again this year, we pray that the truth of Christmas stands alone in our hearts and minds amid all of the frenzy and busyness of the commercial holiday. Blessings to your Christmas celebrations wherever they may be. Take some time with family, friends, and by yourself and reflect quietly on all that Jesus means for your life. Take advantage of special worship opportunities to share all of this with fellow believers. Glory to God in the highest!

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