Whether you have visited us once or twice or just joined us our church or recently enrolled your children in our school or never visited before, there are always several questions that come to mind. We hope to answer some of your questions here. Of course, if you have additional questions, please feel free to submit your question(s) anytime to our staff by clicking on “Contact Us” so we can reply accordingly.

How many people are members at Gethsemane?

Our church membership is currently around 550 members.
How many children attend Gethsemane’s school?

Our school enrollment has hovered around 100 students over the last few years. Of course, school enrollment fluctuates some from year to year.

How long have WELS pastors and teachers been serving famlies and youth in Omaha?

WELS pastors and teachers have been serving the greater Omaha community for over 75 years.  Gethsemane Lutheran Church has been serving families from its 108th and Old Maple location since the 1960s.

How do I become a church member?

All church membership inquiries can best be directed to our pastoral staff.  Typically, new members are invited to complete a Bible information course (BIC) to learn the basic truths of Scripture and all that we teach and believe as a church.  Church membership is typically discussed after Bible information courses are completed.  If interested in becoming a member, please reach out to our pastoral staff anytime.

If I decide to visit for worship or an event sometime, which door do I go in and where are restrooms located in the facility?

Should you visit our facilities for church or school events, our church facility entrance is at the center end of the parking lot. Our school entrance is off to the left. Restrooms can be found in the fellowship hall area and school.  The fellowship hall area is located between the church and school and to your left after you enter the church entrance.  Additional restrooms can be found in the school.

Have the pastors completed extensive training and if so, from where?

Yes.  We give thanks for this.  All WELS pastors attend training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary located in Mequon, WI.  They receive extensive training, including training in studying the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, the languages found in the original translations.  Our pastors are tremendous assets to our congregation as they lead worship and Bible studies that allow for growth and learning.

Have the teachers at your school completed extensive training and if so, from where?

Yes.  WELS teachers attend Martin Luther College located in New Ulm, MN.  They receive extensive training and experience teaching in the classroom, prior to serving full-time at one of our schools.  In 2017, Martin Luther College was voted “#1 Best College In Minnesota” by Time/Money magazine, sharing honors with other outstanding universities located across the US.